Other Works

War in the Time of PR

Wilbur Baron is a president in need of constant affirmation. With a basic distrust of government employees who don’t shower him with adulation, many of which he appointed, he steps outside the government and relies on powerful friends to help him shape his policies. The result is a dual information flow where his administration stumbles forward in chaos. Baron’s erratic behavior is dangerous, but no one is willing to address it. Those in government sit by powerless, and his friends outside government continue to make money off his administration, so why change anything? The White House is run like a clown training school in which ADHD is rampant. By ceding his powers to his friends, for a profit, he allows Erik King to become the most powerful man in government. In War in the Time of PR you can read about their insidious plans and where you might fit into the brave new world they envision.




People You Didn’t Know You Knew

This book had its genesis in conversations with people who felt they had no voice. Each of these people had a story that could be related to issues facing society today. Hopefully, this book gives them a voice.






 The Found Son

Adam Vandergrift is a government employee who finds a loophole in the laws comprising the war on drugs. He puts together a foolproof plan to get opium into the United States and subsequently into the illegal market where money can be made. He can’t do it alone, though, so he strikes up a deal with an Afghan supplier: Jabar, a powerful sheik.

Not fully trusting Adam, Jabar sends his daughter to keep an eye on the drugs and money he has invested. Homa is brilliant, ambitious, and often overlooked in her home country due to her gender. She and Adam work side by side to bring opium into America and launder money into a legitimate business. But they never intended to fall in love.

Homa knows Adam will never have enough, never make enough. Their relationship is doomed from the start since her Afghani background will not allow them to marry, no matter how many times Adam asks. As Adam’s appetite for money continues to grow, he risks losing everything. They’re playing with fire, and both their lives and freedoms are now at stake.




War and Forbearance

Colonel Neil Sedak, like others in uniform, is not seen as a hero. A nonstereotypical army officer without the hard edge expected of those sworn to defend America, Sedak’s life takes a different turn after the events of September 11, 2001 lead him into a downward spiral. But when his former boss asks Sedak to meet with him, suddenly everything changes again.

Jerry Brynes, now working for a defense contractor, reveals a shocking clandestine plan instigated by several people in the White House: America is going to pivot its attention from Afghanistan to Iraq, start a war, and then repair, replace, or improve the infrastructure destroyed during the battle. After Brynes convinces Sedak to retire and start a competitive security fi rm that caters to the smaller companies that also want in on the deal, troops and contractors invade the Middle East where combat is just beginning within a chaotic environment fueled by depravity, greed, murder, and heroism. But as the clock ticks away and more lives are lost, everyone wonders if America can ever win a war based on an illegal premise.

War and Forbearance shares a powerful tale about modern warfare, its corruptions, successes, and troubling effects on its participants as America stumbles into Iraq in a post-September 11, 2001 world.




An Inconvenient War

Lieutenant Colonel Jake Gregg is a marine recruiter’s dream: handsome, well-respected, and on the fast track to making general. As an on-ground commander during the Gulf War, Colonel Jake led his troops into multifaceted battles, minimized dangers for his marines, and squashed all attempts to reward his outstanding leadership with a medal. But as the war ends and several years pass, the neoconservatives are not happy. They want the regime of Iraq overthrown.

It is 2000 when Jake, who is known for fighting his superiors as much as the enemy, is relieved of his duties as director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As he begins his new role as general at Quantico, he assigns Major Fran Matthews, who knows all too well about the negative effects of being a woman in the military, to create a security plan for the Capitol area base. But when America is suddenly attacked on 9/11, everything changes for the neocons, Jake, and Fran as a new war begins in Afghanistan.

An Inconvenient War is the tale of a seasoned military commander who embarks on a journey to not only fight in wars but also to battle Washington leaders who are determined to achieve their goals—even if others must pay for their choices in blood.




Duty, Honor, Money

Lieutenant Xavier Moran, USMC, better known as “X,” is out of the Afghanistan battlefield—his first reprieve in over sixty days. As he arrives at the sprawling airbase at Bagram with nothing more than a pack, a weapon, and a reputation for getting things done, he secretly wishes he was back in the fight, where life is helter-skelter. When he is assigned a tough mission by Colonel Fran Matthews, X has no idea he is about to become immersed in the rampant corruption that surrounds the Afghan war.

Assigned to assume command of an isolated marine rifle company in disarray, X faces many challenges, including bringing casualties in line with operations, raising the soldiers’ morale, and facing off with the current battalion commander. As he heads to Kotjay to begin his mission, X is apprehensive. He must succeed; failure could mean the end of his career—or the end of his life.

In this action-packed military tale, X bravely stands up to the entrenched powers in Afghanistan. Caught between doing what is right and doing what is expected, he makes powerful enemies intent on ensuring his failure. Only time will tell if they will be successful.




Signs Hanging on the Wire

Pete Barre is young, intelligent, and idealistic-a bad combination of traits for a person serving in the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Unable to sit back while lies are being told, he bucks the system and it bucks back. He is assigned hazardous duties without the support any soldier might expect. Scrambling to survive, he finds Dana Cohen, a doctor at a Catholic Hospital in Laos. She provides a lifeline, enabling him to endure the pressures placed on him by his countrymen. Her closeness to him is seen as a problem by the Americans, and her aid is cut off. With no place to go, help comes from an unlikely source. A French opium dealer, a remnant of the First Indochina war, intercedes in their behalf. Pete and Dana escape to become persons without a country.




A Jungle Without Trees

In the final days of the Watergate scandal, it was hard to determine who was in charge of the government. Power brokers, sensing a dying presidency, cared little about the office and worked to cut themselves the best deal in Washington. For all the right reasons, the President undertakes a wartime mission in opposition to his critics and his own policies. Amid the infighting, Lt. Col. C.P. Doggett, USMC, is assigned to carry out the President’s plans. He is thrust between agencies seeing him as an impediment. As such, Doggett’s life becomes a commodity, and he has to survive by outwitting those who want him out of the way.




Flight 17’s Voice Recorder

Mental problems and cockpit crew are two phrases that should not be used in the same sentence. This book is a realistic look at an issue rarely discussed in the airline industry.